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Firstly, my name is Terry Anderson and I am the founder/owner of Riffs That Kill. I love heavy metal, and I wish to always give you more than you paid for. Go ahead and ‘friend’ me on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or wherever.


“We booked the last tour ourselves. Many of our shows bombed or fell through.”

While a handful of bands do find success booking themselves, it is a lot of hard work to keep your connections up to date. If you’re not talking to promoters often, those relationships weaken. Hiring an agent is like hiring a lawyer. You’re getting someone knowledgable and current to represent you. In theory, you can go and talk to all of the same people that a booking agent would, but we advise against it. Put yourself in the promoters shoes. Would they prefer to talk to members from 15 individual bands, or one person to represent them all?


Riffs That Kill is a Canadian booking agency that deals primarily with metal bands of any genre or sub-genre. We can get you the gigs you need and also provide you with valuable assistance and advice in trimming the expenses off your tour.

Some examples on what we can arrange:

  • Occasional weekends throughout the year
  • 3-4 day mini tours that don’t hurt your wallet, but do expand your band’s range.
  • 10 show Bi-Provincial Tour
  • Month Long Cross-Canadian Tour
  • Year-Long Booking. (Ballpark from 25-40 shows over the course of a year, involves at least one tour)

If you are inquiring about booking, get in touch and tell us what you’d like to do. For best results, we will want:

  • Booking weekend(s): 3 months notice
  • Booking 10-14 day tour: 4 months notice
  • Booking cross-canada: 4-6 months notice
  • Year-Long Booking: Contact us yesterday!

RTK encourages ANY band that is interested to contact us. Please understand that booking preference will be given to bands that have:

  • Recordings and Merchandise for sale.
  • An active online presence. (Facebook, Twitter, and a Website)
  • Their own gear and a means to transport it.
  • A realistic view of what they are capable of doing.

Submit your band here:


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